Still deciding if the Live Your Purpose Workshop will benefit you?
Listen to what these women below had to say about how it benefitted them!

Participant feedback on the most beneficial part of the workshop:

*I have two parts. When we had to make our timeline. I found this beneficial because I realized there were moments I haven’t healed from yet. The second one was when we made our mind map because it helped me realize that even though I might not know when, I know what I’m supposed to do.

*The entire workshop!  Seriously though, the entire process as a whole was incredibly helpful.

*Sharing triumphs and sorrows with the other ladies – there is always something to learn!

 Participants thoughts about Kate Hollimon:
*Great job Kate facilitating the workshop and helping others come to their own conclusions about God’s purpose for their life!

*Kate was very supportive and understanding.  She did not present herself as knowing everything.

Other comments about the workshop:
*Very practical!  And hands on – you definitely walk away changed.

*I would take it again myself.

*This is an excellent workshop.