Back to Better: The Unexpected Key to God’s Better Life for You

God’s Word tells us all we need to know for living the better life through Him. It’s all tied up in one unexpected word: obedience. Often, that word carries a negative connotation as it’s interpreted to mean that we can’t get our way. However, scripture carries a different definition of obedience that allows us to live emboldened. Using a passage of scripture from 1 Samuel, Kate will help you:

  • Understand the true meaning of obedience and the freeing force it is once embraced
  • Take hold of the better life God offers by understanding the benefits of following His teachings
  • Demolish the fear of stepping out in obedience by explaining the true measure of its success

Worth the Walk: Why Obeying God is Hard but Worth It

If we hold fast to the teaching that we should decrease so Christ can increase, there’s a good chance that obeying that command will cost us our own desires and plans. Teaching from a passage out of 1 Chronicles, Kate highlights how obedience may be costly, but that it’s worth it because our God is worthy. Through this message, you will learn to:

  • Grasp the magnificence and worthiness of God by understanding Him as your Creator
  • Consider what is lost when opportunities of obedience are missed
  • Replace fear of obeying God with evidence as to why God can be trusted with your heart

Come and Adore Him

Written for a Christmas event, this message will encourage women to realign their hearts during the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Through this message, Kate draws from the song of Mary in Luke 1 encouraging you to:

  • Recognize the difference between thanking God for what He does versus adoring God for who He is
  • Eradicate distraction and exhaustion during the holiday season by replacing it with praise and adoration
  • Implement a practical way to adore God through the Christmas season and beyond

Hospitality Without the Haste

When the holidays ramp up or even hosting weekend houseguests, we can go into over drive trying to prepare our house for visitors. In the hustle and bustle of doing so, we can forget the most important aspect of hospitality – preparing our hearts and home to be God’s vessel. In this message, Kate will inspire you to:

  • Challenge the idea that hospitality needs to leave you frazzled and your house dazzling
  • Drop the façade of a perfect, sparkling home and replace it with the altered perspective that your home can serve as a vessel for God’s love
  • Focus more on preparing your heart for houseguests rather than preparing your house

Scripture Transforms

Change can often be scary leading to feelings of anxiety, frustration or worry. However, in a relationship with Christ, change – or transformation – is a good thing. God’s Word tells us that scripture is alive and active. In this message, Kate breaks down exactly how scripture is active and will teach you how to:

  • Tear down the fear of change by embracing the value of transformation
  • Gain a fresh perspective and understanding of what it means for scripture to be alive and active
  • Recognize the different ways in which scripture transforms and how to utilize scripture to change your life

The Power to Change

As women, we may long to see change in different areas of our life from weight loss, to a better marriage to being more organized. In order for any change to occur in these areas, we have to start with the most foundational element that allows for change: grace. Through this message, Kate will help you:

  • Understand what grace is, why you need it and how all change is rooted in grace
  • Stop trying to earn love and embrace the grace that is heaped upon you
  • Rest in the unwavering promise of grace and learn how to lean into grace for life change

Let Truth Reign

If you’ve ever found yourself believing that you are less than and not good enough or find it hard for you to take your thoughts captive, the Let Truth Reign message will help free you from those strongholds. In this message, Kate take’s women through the reality of struggling with self-doubt and the feelings of never being good enough and instead replacing those with the truth of scripture. Women who hear this message will leave feeling empowered with practical steps how she can let the truth of God’s Word reign in her own life.

Great Expectations

So often things in our lives may not fall into place as expected.  Whether it’s our relationships, work, or major life events, sometimes we can be left wondering why our experiences aren’t matching up to our expectations.  We’re faced with daunting questions wondering: “Is this it?” or “Why am I always left feeling disappointed?”  In this speaking topic, Kate will discuss how our expectations can trap us as women and prevent us from embracing God’s plan for our lives.  Using Ephesians 3:20 as a framework, women will learn to view expectations for their lives in light of God’s expectations which are greater than any expectations we could create!